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Kuroko's Basketball intimidation of prisoners submission published author Tadatoshi Fujimaki impressions

        Around the "sunspot basketball," a series of coercion, intimidation of prisoners arrested in recent days , the author Tadatoshi Fujimaki official "JUMP" on a sentiment, saying "relieved" "Thanks to the police and the readers."  www.eshopcos.com


       Tadatoshi Fujimaki: " I heard that the suspect was arrested, I was a big breath , "" Thank you very much involved in the police search, thank you very much and always supported my readers and friends, in the future I will continue to strive to make better works. "
  The event is named prisoners Hiroshi Watanabe, home in Kanagawa Prefecture, aged 36, when he was arrested, said, "I'm sorry I lost," red lens was transferred to prosecutors exposed excited smile. With high school students, said he was a "very strange man," "in their areas of expertise have a very strong sense of competition."


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