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January new barbarians "Forestry" additional seiyuu Tomokazu Sugita Taniyama Kisho etc.

       Scheduled January launch of Agricultural Universities in love animated comedy "Forestry" additional supporting voice actors more in the 1st, Hiyama Nobuyuki, Taniyama chapter Sugita Tomokazu confirmed to join the film.

       In the agricultural high school for the stage for the play has a portfolio called "four farmers" (homonym four kings), and following the voice actors had already disclosed the "BIO Suzuki" and "MONEY on gold," but now ascertain physically robust girls no immunity "Woodman Rintaro" by the Hiyama Nobuyuki dubbing, the first guy on campus "ROSE Garden" by the Taniyama Kisho dubbing. www.eshopcos.com


       Farmland flooding monkey monkey catching up "Omori" by Tomokazu Sugita dubbing.
Hiyama Nobuyuki was a "Yu Yu Hakusho" flying shadow, "Gaogaigar" The Lion King Kai dub, good blood hero role. Taniyama Kisho recently, "His Royal Highness the Prince of Song" as Shinomiya that month, "Kuroko's Basketball" icehouse Chen also dubbed the "sweet voice" and famous. Sugita Tomokazu in January 2014 over the same period will be to "fool Nobunaga," Da Vinci, "Buddy Complex" Conrad two main characters dubbing.
         "Forestry" is Shiratori Shiro writing, cutting character to play illustrator, began in the GA library light novels, agricultural colleges and universities for the stage, describing the sway of youth in agriculture agricultural school students their stories, defined as "the Agriculture Department Gakuen love comedy . " TV animation will Onuma heart oversight, SILVER LINK production.