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Before the 2013 Japanese animated film box office chart published 10 accounted for 6

     Oricon recently released 2013 annual Japanese film market box office chart TOP10, ultimately TOP exclusively by the animated film, the number of animated films in the TOP10 of up to six.


    The first one is Hayao Miyazaki supervised by the box office to reach 12 billion yen (approximately RMB 700 million) in the "windy." Pixar animation "Monsters University" ranked second with 8.9 billion 60 million yen. "One Piece FILM Z" ranked third with 6.8 billion 50 million yen.  www.eshopcos.com
     "One Piece FILM Z" Although it is released in the December 15, 2012, but because during the Oricon chart statistics are annual early December last year - in early December this year, so to be selected for this year's annual box office chart.
    In addition to these three works, the annual convention of "Doraemon," "Detective Conan", "Pokemon" for the film have also entered a new TOP10.
    The highest-grossing foreign film in China acclimatized opera film "Les Miserables", No. 4. The highest domestic box office is a popular drama series "Galileo" the Movie 2 as "True Summer equation", No. 8.
    Late highest grossing animated film adaptation is "Puella Magi rebellious Movie Story," as of December 15 cumulative box office of 1.9 billion 30 million yen. Has more than 2011 "Pictures K-ON!" Of 1.9 billion yen, becoming the highest grossing in the history of late-night animated film adaptation.